Flat Knitting Machine

Flat Knitting Machine

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Computerized Semi Jacquard Flat Knitting Machine

Product ID: JS-101

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JS-101 is the product of JY-LEH Series. Durable and easy to operate, it also has great precision capability and high production. The user now could become more competitive by making JS-101 your choice.
JS-101 uses 3-step jack to create combinations of patterns, thus increasing the stability and productivity. The user could arrange combinations of the jack to knit the patterns they desire. Any combination can knit multiple patterns, and all could be knitted simply by changing the program procedure by keying in directly through the keyboard. To make it easier to operate, we developed a user-friendly feature: The input data and "knitting marks" you just key in will display right on the LCD.
JS-101 has many humanistic and practical designs, one of which is that the mode of the yarn change controller itself can be customized by user's preference and needs. JS-101 will lead you to discover a whole new future.
  • Model:JS-101
  • Gauge:7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18G
  • Bed Width: 64, 80(Inch)
  • Knitting speed: Max. Carriage speed 120 cm/secKnitting speed 15-100 cm/sec(According to gauge and knitting conditions.)
  • Knitting Width: 64
  • Cam System:Double cam or tandem cam 1x1 system
  • Stitch Density:31 levels electronically controlled stitch density.
  • Yarn Carriers:12 yarn carriers and change at both sides.
  • Racking:1/2 pitch available from any position and 1 pitch x 5 section.
  • Needle Selection:High and low butt needles and 3 step jack selection.
  • Take Down Roller:31 levels automatically adjustable on each level.
  • Top Tensions:Large knots cause machine stop. Small knots cause at low speed.
  • Stop Motion:Yarn break, knot, needle break, shock detection, wrap-around check, piece count and program error…etc.
  • Drive:Direct drive with belt, 1HP 3 phase AC motor by inverter control,
  • Signal Lamp:Green / normal, Orange / manual and stop motion.
  • Data Input:Input from keyboard, LCD display and memory by flash disk.
  • Language:English and Chinese are available.
  • Power:220V, 50/60Hz, single phase.
  • Specifications and appearance may change without notices.
  • Excellent quality and low price of the machine is very suitable for countries with cheapest labor charge.
  • Simply mechanical. It is very easy repair and operation.
  • It can free to adjust knitting width.

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