JY-LEH INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in 1980, specializing in the manufacture of good quality flat knitting machine. The company has been holding the operation concept of research, renovation and service for the past 33 years and has a large number of customers in both local and foreign markets. Under the stable and reasonable leadership of the Company President, the company business enjoys a stable growth every year and the Research & Development Dept. of the company also continues to concentrate on the production technique upgrading and new model research work. The high speed computerized flat knitting machine developed by our local people in 1990 has high productivity and is easy to operate. This machine has largely decreased the labor costs, and the quality of its knitted products is much better and more stable. As soon as this machine was launched, it was widely welcomed by local and foreign customers. This is truly a big renovation in knitting technology field. The machine also received Domestic Made Machine Golden Dragon Award in the beginning of 1993 and obtained recognition and encouragement by "Medium & Small Enterprise Creative Research Award" conferred upon by the Government in 1994.

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