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For today's modern driver an aftermarket cruise control will provide several important benefits: 1. Elimination of accidental speeding: It is all too easy, with today's modern vehicles, to allow the speed to exceed the legal limit. By using a Lite-On Automotive cruise control, it will be possible to set the speed at a certain level. Once the speed has been set, the vehicle will maintain this speed, therefore avoiding accidental speeding. This is an important consideration with the increasing and more severe controls on speed limits set by the national authorities throughout the world. 2. Improved fuel economy: Every body is aware of the fact that the best fuel economy is achieved at a constant speed. Lite-On Automotive cruise control systems will adjust the throttle 5 times per second therefore providing minimal and very precise throttle action which guarantees a constant speed. Far more so than even the most fuel conscious driver could ever achieve. Significant improvements in fuel economy will be the result. 3. Reduced exhaust emissions: Because of today's growing environmental awareness, the general driver's mentality is changing. Minimal and smoother throttle action will not only improve the fuel economy but will also reduce exhaust emissions. Consequently less damage to the environment. The Lite-On Automotive cruise control will be a helpful accessory to achieve this. 4. Convenience: The driver can travel at a chosen "set" speed without the physical and mental effort of constantly monitoring the speed and applying the appropriate pressure on the accelerator. Let your fingers do the driving, traffic flow adjustments can be made simply by touching the command module.
Command modules AP-50 C/M CM-1 CM-2 CM-3
Initial set of actual speed x x x x
Accelerate x x x x
Tap up/down speed adjustment (1 km/h) x x x x
Decelerate x x x x
Resume previous set speed x x x x
Instant coast button N/A N/A x N/A
On/off switch (also coast) x x x x
LED "Cruise control engaged" N/A x N/A x
Night time illumination N/A x N/A x
Dimensions/ L x W x H (mm) 60 x 40 x 23 110 x 25 x 21 57 x 49 x 19 95 x 25 x 22
  • Operating voltage: 10~18V
  • Temperature range: -40 degree ~ +125 degree
  • Current drain stand-by: 50mA
  • Current drain operating: 500mA
  • Transient capacity (5 MIN.): +24V
  • Reverse battery: -14V
  • Up-date rate: 0.2 seconds
  • Noise immunity: Hardware and software filtering
  • An "easy to install" microprocessor controlled vacuum cruise control
  • An installation video can be made available making the complete kit perfectly suitable for "Do it yourself" installation.
  • Note:
    • For several models a screw-in speed pulse generator is available. SPG is installed between speedometer and gear box.
    • A magnetic "reed" switch kit (AA-170) can be provided as a clutch switch, if required
    • If any of the circuits are not correctly installed, the cruise control will not operate

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