Ferrite Bead and Chip Inductor

Product ID: EBM201209A60-1, EBL321611B4R7K

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The Ferrite's Chip EMI suppresser is a ferrite bead for use to prevent. The EMI interference noise requirement of particular circuit from 7 ohms to 1,000 ohms impedance at 100 MHz. There are series different size from 1,608~4,532.
Part No. Range (100 MHz)
EBM1608 60-600Ω
EBM2012 7-1,000Ω
EBM3216 19-2,000Ω
EBM3225 31-60Ω
EBM4516 60-200Ω
EBM4532 60-120Ω
EBL2012 0.047uH-4.7uH
EBL3216 0.047uH-12.0uH
EBL3225 0.047uH-12.0uH
ACM321611 3A, 19-70(ohm)
ACM321616 3A, 50-80(ohm)
ACM451616 3A, 60-100(ohm)
BCM451616 3A, 60-80(ohm)
BCM453215 3A, 60-1,300(ohm)
  • These small size chips generating high impedance.
  • Minimum floating capacity and excellent high frequency characteristics.
  • Outstanding soldering heat resistance. Both flow and reflow soldering methods can be use.
  • Monolithic inorganic material construction for high reliability.
  • Closed magnetic circuit avoids crosswalk an is suitable for high density printed circuit boards.

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