Schottky Diodes

Product ID: 1N5817

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We offer full range of schottky diodes from wafers to devices, from 1A to 60A, 20V to 100V. The package types include DO-41, DO-201, SMA, SMB, TO-20, TO-220A, TO-263 (D2 PAK.) and TO-3P (TO-247). There are various types: 1N5817, S30C60, SR1100, SR52, 1N5822, S20S100, SM17, SR510, S05A30, S20D30, SK110, S30D40C, S10A100, S60D60, MS17, S20C100, SR102, SR110.
1N5817 S30C60 SR1100 SR52
1N5822 S20S100 SM17 SR510
S05A30 S20D30 SK110 S30D40C
S10A100 S60D60 MS17
S20C100 SR102 SR110
  • 1 Amp. ~ 60 Amp.
  • 20 volt ~ 100 volt
  • Package type: DO-41, DO-201, SMA, SMB, TO-220, TO-220A, TO-263(D2 PAK.), TO-3P
  • Application: mother board, switching power supply

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