Pentium Half - Size CPU Card With VGA / LC D!!ccc

Product ID: HS-5000

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  • Pentium half-size CPU card
  • Chipset: SiS 5571 PCI set
  • Support CPU: 75 up to 233Mhz
  • Cache: 512KB on board
  • VGA/LCD: C&T 65550 chip, 1MB on board
  • 72-pin DRAM x 2, up to 128MB
  • DiskOnChip: M-system memory supported
  • Switch power regulator
  • CPU temperature alarm: On board
  • USB port: 2 ports on board
  • IrDA port: 1 port on board (TX/RX header)
  • RS-232: 2 high-speed ports with 16B FIFO
  • BIOS: Award BIOS
  • Watchdog timer: Support 1-220 seconds
  • External Power: 8-pin connector
  • Board size: 185 x 122mm (half-size)
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 55 Celsius
  • Special OEM/ODM is much welcome.
  • Special discount for large quantity.
  • We offer the best quality and the lowest price in Taiwan.
  • We offer the technical support in Taiwan.

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