Product ID: PSD-208V6 / PSD-412 / PSD-412V12

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The MINI PABX series offered by POTEL are designed for small office and home office use (SOHO Market). The system uses an advanced technology organizing your calls effectively and performing the high-standard operation. The unique design "Voice Mail Box System" is very convenient for every extension user who won't miss any call while they are not available to catch it. The PABX is able to connect with standard phone, system phone, cordless phone, door phone, fax and PC. The PABX consists of 208 main board, OGM card, 6-min (12-min) voice mail box and 204 upgrade card.
Item PSD-208V6 PSD-412 PSD-412V12
C.O. Lines 2 4 4
Extensions 8 ext .12 ext .12 ext.
Voice mail 6 min N/A 12 min
  • C/O lines: 2
  • (or 4)
  • Extensions: 8
  • (or 12)
  • Intercompath: 3
  • Call restriction level: 4
  • Power failure phone path: 2
  • O.G.M.: recordable
  • DISA: tone/(DTMF)
  • Operator function: designated group
  • Fax auto switch: designated extension
  • DISA
  • (Electronic Operator)
  • Booking co line
  • Conference
  • Long distance call control
  • Call forward
  • Call pick-up
  • Broadcasting
  • Call forward-busy
  • Call forward-follow me
  • Call forward-don't answer
  • Call forward-busy & don't answer
  • Internal/external hold music
  • Fax/Tel auto switch to designed extension
  • Transfer call-if no one answers then the call will be transfer back to the original receiver
  • Conference(1 c/o line to 2 extensions)-3 extensions, (2 c/o line to 1 extension)-3 extensions
  • Digital answering system-option
    • 15 sec/section 20 sections
    • 15 sec/section 44 sections
  • (Option) Door Phone
  • (Option) System Phone

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