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Product ID: TL604-1

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The TL604 provides 15 line card units and 1 power units which is described as following figure. Each line card could support 2 or 4 subscriber line service. General applications are as following diagram showing. The RS-232 connection is offered for TL604A NMS using only.
  • Digital subscriber line:
    • Line code: 2 BIQ complies with ANSI T1.601-1991
    • Maximum Line resistance: 1300 ohms
    • Line impedance: 135 ohms +/- 10%
    • Line loss: 42dB@40KHz
  • Voice transmission:
    • Voice Encoding: PCM (Mu)-Law/A-Law optional complies with CCITT Rec. G711
    • Compression: ADPCM complies with CCITT Rec. G721 (0+4 only)
    • RT impedance: 600 ohms
    • Insertion loss: 3 +/- 0.5dB
    • Idle channel noise: 58dB; 3000Hz >53Hz
    • Signal to distortion ratio: 0~-30dBm0 >33dB; -30~-40dBm0 >27dB
    • Impulse noise: 12dB; 600~3400Hz >15dB
    • Channel crosstalk Isolation: >65dB@1004Hz
  • RT to customer equipment interface:
    • RT loop current: >20mA
    • RT On-Hook tip/ring voltage: 26VDC
  • Ringing:
    • Voltage: 65Vrms to 95Vrms
    • Frequency: 20Hz to 25Hz
    • Meter signal frequency: both 16KHz (12KHz option) and polarity reverse
  • Power requirement:
    • COT: -36~-72V DC; Maximum power consumption 28W
    • RT: remote power fed via subscriber line; Maximum power consumption 4W
  • Physical dimensions:
    • COT: 177mm(H) x 434mm(W) x 334mm(D)
    • RT: 345mm(H) x 214mm(W) x 53mm(D)
  • Environmental conditions
    • COT: Temperature 0 degree ~ +45 degree, Humidity 20%~80%
    • RT: Temperature -20 degree ~ +60 degree, Humidity 5%~95%
  • ISDN technology ensures high quality transmission
  • Supports voice/data/facsimile transmission
  • Remote power feed for the remote terminal - no local power or batteries required
  • Payphone interface for 16/12KHz and/or Polarity reversal metering system
  • Support a number of subscriber lines with single pair of wires from the Central office to the subscribers: 2, 4

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