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The TL604A provides 14 Line Card units and 2 Common/power units which describe as following figure. Each line Card unit could support 2 or 4 subscriber line service and two Common/ power units could support network management system(NMS), software control 32K/64K bps PCm transfer rate, Automatic number Identification (ANI) and automatic switchable operation as power redundancy. Redundant Power System: The control & power unit of TL604A can support the redundancy as a micro-processor and Power backup system. It will detect the fault one and automatic switching to the other good one. The control & power unit of TL604A includes a microprocessor to handle the automatically switching with little interruption to traffic occurs during changeover. Automatic Number Identification (ANI): The TL604A provides a number of outstanding features to improve the enhance operations. Such as Automatic Number Identification (ANI) feature, the ANI allows a subscriber to identify the number of incoming telephone for the purpose of owner security. The subscriber could easily see the incoming telephone number before answering the call on a displaying telephone set. Networking Management Systems (NMS): The main display of NMS is showing the working status of TL604A, which will inform the performance monitoring of TL604A by flashing LED indicator. The monitoring information on the screen should be same as LED displaying on each card unit. For the NMS of TL604A, it could be easily to assign the data base of different termination, channels, racks and shelf. One NMS could support 14,336 subscribers service. The TL604A offers a powerful Net-working management systems (NMS) to provide the provisioning, monitoring, maintenance and administration from one location in one-line service.
  • Digital subscriber line:
    • Line code: 2 BIQ complies with ANSI T1.601-1991
    • Maximum Line resistance: 1300 ohms
    • Line impedance: 135 ohms +/- 10%
    • Line loss: 42dB@40KHz
  • Voice transmission:
    • Voice Encoding: PCM (Mu)-Law/A-Law optional complies with CCITT Rec. G711
    • Compression: ADPCM complies with CCITT Rec. G721 (0+4 only)
    • RT impedance: 600 ohms
    • Insertion loss: 3 +/- 0.5dB
    • Idle channel noise: 58dB; 3000Hz >53Hz
    • Signal to distortion ratio: 0~-30dBm0 >33dB; -30~-40dBm0 >27dB
    • Impulse noise: 12dB; 600~3400Hz >15dB
    • Channel crosstalk Isolation: >65dB@1004Hz
  • RT to customer equipment interface:
    • RT loop current: >20mA
    • RT On-Hook tip/ring voltage: 26VDC
  • Ringing:
    • Voltage: 65Vrms to 95Vrms
    • Frequency: 20Hz to 25Hz
    • Meter signal frequency: both 16KHz (12KHz option) and polarity reverse
  • Power requirement:
    • COT: -36~-72V DC; Maximum power consumption 28W
    • RT: remote power fed via subscriber line; Maximum power consumption 4W
  • Physical dimensions:
    • COT: 177mm(H) x 434mm(W) x 334mm(D)
    • RT: 345mm(H) x 214mm(W) x 53mm(D)
  • Environmental conditions
    • COT: Temperature 0 degree ~ +45 degree, Humidity 20%~80%
    • RT: Temperature -20 degree ~ +60 degree, Humidity 5%~95%
  • ISDN technology ensures high quality transmission
  • Supports voice/data/facsimile transmission
  • Automatic number Identification(ANI)
  • Remote power feed for the remote terminal - no local power or batteries required
  • Redundant power supplies with auto-switching
  • Payphone interface for 16/12KHz and/or Polarity reversal metering system
  • Network Management systems(NMS)
  • Flexible 32K/64Kbps PCM transfer rate switchable by NMS software control
  • Support a number of subscriber lines with single pair of wires from the Central office to the subscribers: 2, 4

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