Scrambler for Handy Transceiver

Product ID: F117A / C

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F117A is compatible with most of portable handy transceivers as "STANDARD", "YAESU", "ICOME" or "KENWOOD" W/modification. Also offers 128 sets of security coders, use Digital Signal Process technic & compression extended method. F117C use S.M.T. method & produced with stand-by auto power saving design. Same as F117A; it can be contacted to "YAESU", "ICOM"...etc. or others included base-station type handy transceiver W/modification.
Size Gross Weight
8cm x 5cm x 3cm 0.32 kgs
  • Codes: 128 sets (7 bits)
  • Batteries: UM-5 x 3
  • Suitable Models: STANDARD, YAESU, ICOM and any other brand model W/modification.

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