All Steel Hammer and Fiberglass Striking Tools

Product ID: F Series

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Our all steel hammers are made from one piece construction forging steel and heat to meet U.S. federal, BS and GS standard. Our fiberglass handle striking tools are made from high content of fiberglass and PVC injection coating for 10 items durability than traditional wooden handle.
  • All steel one-piece construction double heat treatment to ensure to longest performance.
  • Fine polish and finish.
  • Made of high content of fiberglass for striking tool handle meet U.S. federal specification and BS, GS standard.
  • Low cost dollar value both from Taiwan and China.
  • 1 year warranty for all tools from us under normal.
  • Lan be mirror, fully, and stain-finishes.
  • OEM, ODM welcome.
  • Punctual delivery after placing orders.

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