Flashlight W/House Ware Kit

Flashlight W/House Ware Kit

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Flashlight W/Houseware Kit

Product ID: ET-0014

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Flashlight together with houseware kit. The flashlight is good for outside in darkness, and the simple first aids: swabs and bandages are for emergency. The sawing pack is useful for traveling or at home. The nail fixings and ear pick are of ten used after bathing. This content is helpful for daily life.
This item also has patents in five conntries already.
  • Compact and easy to carry.
  • Powerful spotlight & stylish shape.
  • Competitive price and good price.
  • With patents: Taiwan/#061855, USA/#DES. 393,784 Germany/#M9706289.8, China/#ZL97312715.5 Japan/#1049046

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