The Giving Gem Pendant

The Giving Gem Pendant

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Giving Gem

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Legends of the powers of the Giving Gems attribute Amethyst with Holiness, Jade with True Love, Pearl with Purity. Amber with Immortality, Precious Coral with Fertility, Malachite with Understanding, Onyx with healing, Tiger's Eye with Omnipotence, Lapis Lazuli with Sobriety, Crystal with Spiritual Illumination Rose Quartz with Love ..what gifts will they bring to you? The Giving Gem are offered to you, so that they may be giving to you and to those you love. Enjoy these exquisite treasures of Mother Earn now and forever.
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    • 1pc 49.9/PC
    • 100pcs 24.8/PC
    • 1000pcs 16.8/PC
    • 10000pcs 14.8/PC

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