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Product ID: Pentium II (PRO-274)

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  • CPU: Inter Pentium II processor card
    • High density slot for Pentium II processor card (marked' slot 1'), supports up to 233MHz or higher frequency processor card
    • On board switching regulator provides voltage to Pentium II processor card
    • System management supported by employing LM78 (LM79), LM75
  • Core logic-Intel440LX (or 440LX-R) PCIset:
    • Two 168-pin 3.3V unbuffered DIMM sockets
    • Main memory: 8MB-512MB EDO DRAM, 256MB SDRAM support.
  • AGP specification 1.0 compliant, PCI-66 AGP-66/133 MHz 3.3V devices supported, reach a theoretical 532MB/sec transfer rate
    • Supports concurrent CPU, AGP and PCI transactions to main memory
  • Ultra-I/O: NS PC87309
  • USB ports-Embedded in PIIX4:
    • Support 2 USB1.0 ports at 12 or 1.5 Mbit/sec, one USB stacked connector
  • Real time clock-Embedded in PIIX4:
    • 256bytes CMOS SRAM
    • Tracking time of day and storing system data
    • Date alarm allows for scheduling a wake up event up to 30 days in advance
  • Expansion slots: support 1 PCI 5V-slots, 1 ISA slots, 1 PCI/ISA shared slot and 1 AGP slot supports 3D graphic accelerated card
  • PCI-bus IDE-Embedded in PIIX4:
    • Support PIO mode 4 up to 14MB/sec, Ultra DMA/33 mode up to 33MB/sec
    • Two 40-pin pin header for IDE connectors support up to 4 drives
  • Sound-ESS1869 (optional):
    • Support OPL3 and full duplex
    • Support line-in, line-out, MIC-jack and MIDI/game port
    • Integrated 3D audio effect
    • PC97 rev. 1.0 compliance
  • BIOS-plug and play ready, auto detection of memory size, suspend/resume:
    • 256KB flash ROM, support on-board flash
  • Form factor: micro ATX form factor (9.6 x 9.6 inch^2), four-layer design

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