Product ID: W-P55VT2

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  • Processor (CPU): Intel Pentium, Intel Pentium MMX, AMD K5, AMD K6, CYRIX/IBM M1, CYRIX/IBM M2
  • Chipset: VIA VT 85C58VP PCIset
  • Cache Memory: supports onboard 512KB pipeline burst SRAM and a COAST module solution for upgrade to 1024KB
  • Dram Modules:
    • 72 pin SIMM x 4 for both fast page and EDO DRAM.
    • 168 pin DIMM x 1 for SDRAM.
    • DRAM size up to 256MB.
  • Expansion Slot:
    • 32 bit PCI master bus x 3.
    • 16 bit ISA bus x 4.
  • Onboard I/O:
    • Supports UMC8669.
    • Super Multi I/O for 1 FDD, 1 parallel port (ECP, EPP), and 2 serial ports.
  • Onboard PCI IDE:
    • PCI bus IDE port x 2 (up to 4 IDE devices).
    • Supports ultra 33 synchronous DMA mode.
  • I/O Connectors: supports PS/2 mouse and standard AT style keyboard
  • USB: support the universal serial bus connector
  • BIOS: supports award plug & play BIOS and flash ERROM
  • Power Management:
    • Supports hardware sleep/resume and SMM (system management mode).
  • Form Factor: 220mm x 260mm half AT size

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