Uninterruptible Power Supply

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U.P.S provides stable power and extents "backup time" when blackouts. Efficiently prevent from unstable power and blackouts. 1 phase 600VA is apply for 1~2PC, totally provides PC and its appliance. 1 phase 1200VA is apply for 2~4PC output, and provides Internet and LAN (ISON) system. Micro-computer and workstation. 3 phase 600VA is apply for PC, communication center, medical equipment, aviation control tower instruments.
  • 1 phase:
    • 110V/220V
    • 600VA~1200VA
  • 3 phase:
    • 110V
    • 600VA
  • More compact, light, high efficiency, user friendly
  • Two stage buzzer and LED indicator
  • Overload / short circuit protection
  • With RS-232 communication port
  • Agent welcome

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