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The single spindle automatic lathes model LA and TA, are used for the manufacture of a great variety of simple and complex turned parts which are relatively short as compared with their diameters. For example, bolts, screws, nuts, sleeves etc., all kinds of materials such as steel, brass, aluminum etc. can be machined on automatic lathes. The machine, model LA, is available as LA25, execution for machining round and profiled bars up to a max. diameter of 25mm as well as TA25 automatic having the same range of application. The models LA32H and TA32H have a spindle capacity of 32mm with hydraulic stock chucking, bar material up to dia.32mm can be machined. TA16 is for small material stock and high speed turned parts. For secondary operation of pre-machined parts, the automatics can be equipped with a magazine feed attachment or a hand chucking device if only small volume are involved. The working scope of the basic machine can be enlarged considerably by the application of the various attachments.
Technical data TA16 TA25 TA32H LA25 LA32H
Maximum capacity, round 16mm (5/8") 25mm (1") 32mm (1-1/4") 25mm (1") 32mm (1-1/4")
Maximum capacity, hexagon 13mm (1/2") 22mm (7/8") 27mm (1-1/16") 22mm (7/8") 27mm (1-1/16")
Maximum capacity, square 11mm (7/16") 18mm (23/32") 22mm (7/8") 18mm (23/32") 22mm (7/8")
Maximum turning length (LTA) 70mm (2-3/4") 70mm (2-3/4") 70mm (2-3/4") 70mm (2-3/4") 70mm (2-3/4")
Stroke of cross slide 22mm (7/8") 22mm (7/8") 22mm (7/8") 22mm (7/8") 22mm (7/8")
Max. capacity of tailstock collet 13mm (1/2") 13mm (1/2") 13mm (1/2") 13mm (1/2") 13mm (1/2")
Max. tailstock travel 100mm (4") 100mm (4") 100mm (4") 100mm (4") 100mm (4")
Spindle speed 700-7,500 rpm (20 steps) 550-4,200 rpm (12 steps) 550-4,200 rpm (12 steps) 135-4,100 rpm (40 steps) 200-3,000 rpm (32 steps)
Production rate 28 to 2,100 pcs/hr 28 to 2,100 pcs/hr 28 to 2,100 pcs/hr 28 to 2,100 pcs/hr 28 to 2,100 pcs/hr
Cycle time 1.71 sec/pc to 128.6 sec/pc 1.71 sec/pc to 128.6 sec/pc 1.71 sec/pc to 128.6 sec/pc 1.71 sec/pc to 128.6 sec/pc 1.71 sec/pc to 128.6 sec/pc
Power rating, work spindle motor 1.3/1.5kw (1.7/2.0Hp) 1.3/1.5kw (1.7/2.0Hp) 1.3/1.5kw (1.7/2.0Hp) 2.6/0.65kw (3.5/0.9Hp) 2.6/0.65kw (3.5/0.9Hp)
Power rating, feed drive motor 0.37kw (1/2Hp) 0.37kw (1/2Hp) 0.37kw (1/2Hp) 0.37kw (1/2Hp) 0.37kw (1/2Hp)
Power rating, coolant pump motor 0.1kw (1/8Hp) 0.1kw (1/8Hp) 0.1kw (1/8Hp) 0.1kw (1/8Hp) 0.1kw (1/8Hp)
Content of coolant tank 40 litters 40 litters 40 litters 40 litters 40 litters
Net weight of complete machine 660kg 660kg 760kg 860kg 960kg
Gross weight of complete machine 800kg 800kg 900kg 1,000kg 1,100kg
Measurement of seaworthy packing case 1.8 Cu.M 1.8 Cu.M 2.4 Cu.M 2.3 Cu.M 2.8 Cu.M
  • Latest improvement, high productivity low cost
  • Max. collet capacity: 25mm round for LA25/TA25, 32mm round for oversized LA32H/TA32H machines and 16mm round for TA16
  • Spindle speed:
    • LA25 135 to 4,100 rpm by 40 steps
    • LA32H 200 to 3,000 rpm by 32 steps
    • TA16 700 to 7,500 rpm by 20 steps
    • TA25 550 to 4,200 rpm by 12 steps
    • TA32H 550 to 4,200 rpm by 12 steps
  • Cross slide with toolholders, front and rear
  • Double vertical slide with toolholders
  • Tailstock with A-3 collet quill, draw bar and spring retraction
  • Weight operated bar feed
  • Adjustable swing stop
  • Change gears set for feeds
  • Automatic electrical shut off for feed drive clutch and bar feed
  • Cam setting dial
  • Transparent coolant splash guard, front and rear
  • Waterproof sealed fluorescent work lamp
  • Oil resisting timing belt drive, special 4:1 ratio polechange motor, and magnetic piece counter for Mod. LA25 and LA32H, good for drilling, reaming and theading operations during a working cycle.
  • Available with or without the following special attachments: longitudinal turning, two-position air operated tailstock, four-position mechanical turret, thread/polygonal milling, gravity silent bar feed etc.
  • Standard type A15/25 Traub cams and tooling can be used and interchanged.
  • Special attachments:
    • Silent bar feed (LA-25200000) for reduction of noise from bar material, especially hex. And square.
    • Longitudinal turning att. (LA-25225000 front, LA25228000) max. travel of turning slide: 70mm, max. angle of taper turning: +/-15 degree
    • 2-position tailstock (LA-25230000)- max. travel: 70mm, max. tapping capacity: M20 x 1.5P (brass), max. thread capacity: M16 x 1.5P (Dia.38 DIE OD)
    • Thread milling att. (LA25290000), polygonal milling att. (LA-25296000) - max. length of thread: 22mm, max. pitch of thread: 2mm, max. speed of main spindle: 4,000rpm
    • Drilling and threading attachment (LA-25320000)-max. drilling depth: max. 35mm, external threads: M3~M10 x 30mm, internal threads: M3~10 x 25mm, motor: 1HP 2/4p 1700/3400rpm
    • 4-position mech. Turret (LA-25300000) - max. travel: 50mm, max. tapping capacity: M20 x 1.5P (brass), max. thread capacity: M12 x 1.5P (dia.25 DIE OD)
    • Overhead swing stop (LA-25182000)- applied for some special set up when a standard stop is not applicable.
  • Stroke of cross slide: 35mm (1-3/8") with special designed cross slide cam lever.

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