Track Light Transformer

Product ID: WH-751DH, WH-501DE

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These electronic transformers offer unmatched performance and reliability, are the best offered in low voltage lighting applications.
  • WH-751DH:
    • I/P: AC 120V 60Hz 0.6A
    • C/P: AC 12V 75W maximum
    • Size: 120L x 32W x 47H9(mm)
  • WH-501DE:
    • I/P: AC 120V 60Hz 0.42A
    • O/P: AC 12V 50W maximum
    • Size: 120L x 32W x 47H(mm)
  • Small and lighter, compared to conventional transformers.
  • More efficient, power factor is 0.98.
  • Equipped with integrated short circuit and overload protection.
  • Perfectly adapted for a total of 20 to 60 watt halogen lamps, applicable for table lights, mini track lights, picture lights and wall lights.

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