Electronic Transformers

Product ID: S Series - 60W, 75W

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For down lights, spot lights, ceiling lamps, bar lights with under cabinet lights with 12V/AC halogen lamps.
  • WT-60S-75
    • Art No. S07501-00
    • PRI: 230V (+6% / -10%) 50-60Hz, 0.33A
    • Sec: 11.8V ~ eff, 6.25A
    • Watts: 20 ~ 75W
    • Ambient Temperature: -20 Celsius ~ +50 Celsius
    • (L x W x H)mm: 78 x 59 x 33
.Series: 60W, 75W

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electronic transformers for low voltage halogen lamps, ballast system for fluorescent lamp/PL lamp, dinner system and mother and son light transformers