Haimer-HSK/BT Collet Chuck

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The company Haimer is located in a mechanical town of southern west Germany. About 30 years ago, it was specialized in precision finishing only. Later on, it also developed to manufacture collet chucks for all kinds of machine tools, including DIN 69871, HSK, JIS BT and machine attachments, as well as the related accessories, such as 3D-sensors, tool dynamic, centro, etc. All the collet chucks from Haimer passed the tests by tool Dynamic. The quality conforms to JIS BT, DIN 69871, and HSK standard. It is one of the three top collet chuck manufacturers in Germany.
  • ER series:
    • Low friction value.
    • Double the clamping force.
    • High corrosion resistance.
    • friendly to environment.
    • 5 times flute length, precision in 3 ?
  • SL series: Using H7 side-locked tool handle. Precision in 5 ?
  • HG series: With the advantages of ER series and SL series, its special design of draw force on back achieves the high precision and strong clamping force. All other manufacturers of high-speed chucks refer this device to their own. Run-out tolerance within 3 ?

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