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We direct import the 3D-sensors from two well known manufacturers in west Germany, one is Haimer(black) and the other is Haff(red). Both are most popular 3D-sensors being used in Taiwan.
Order Specification Precision Price (NT$)
35920 Haimer-Digital 3D-Sensors 0.002 18,000
38036 Haimer-Mechanical 3D-Sensors 0.02 10,800
35921 Haimer-Short Sensor Insert 0.002 1,200
35923 Haimer-Long Sensor Insert 0.002 1,650
35910 Haff-Mechanical 3D-ensors 0.02 10,800
35918 Haff-Short Sensor Insert 0.02 1,200
35922 Haff-Long Sensor Insert 0.02 1,650
  • Haimer:
    • Mechanical 3D-Sensors, the run-out tolerance is 0.01 mm.
    • Digital 3D-Sensors, the run-out tolerance is 0.002 mm. This is a new product of Haimer in recent years.
  • Haff:
    • In early years, it was same as other traditional 3D-sensors. Recently, it has been improved to be with single hand. The construction is much simple and can be easily repaired. Run-out tolerance is 0.01 mm.
  • Characteristic feature illustration:
    • It can find the extra work's location of work's beginning in the machine rapidly. (It need not deduct radius of sensor insert).
    • Using 3D-Sensors to measure, the NC machine can use to be 3D-measure. It has high economic benefit.
    • The sensor insert have protection function. If it is broken, the precision of case is not affected and it just needs to replace sensor insert.

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