First Super V - Belt

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(A)Protective cover: It is a tough and elastic duck with specially rubber impregnating so that it gives the best slip resistant and least worn-out. (B) Tension members: Pre-stretched polyester cords provide high tensile strength and minimum stretch. (C)Cushion compound: It bonds the cords right in their position and minimizes the heat build-up so as to extend service life. (D) Compression rubber: the tough compound keeps the belt in the pulley at the right position without any distortion of contour.
  • Varieties V-belt
    • Classical V-belt: general purpose applications. Low cost saves your money. Length codes are in JIS pitch length.
    • Oil & heat resistant V-belt: high speed drive. Oil & heat resistant and high abrasion resistant. Gives you double services life. Length codes are in RMA inside length.
    • Agricultural V-belt: high speed drive and minimum stretch. Used in agricultural machines especially. Most flexible and reversal.

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