Hydraulic Roller Type Transfer Printing Machine For Both Plane /Circumference Surface

Product ID: OT-7RE-SQ-1000

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  • This machine adopts hydraulic system as power source.
  • With square column,which works stable and transfer pressure equally.
  • lnstalled with a tension motor to pull the foil smoothly,anddo not cause any shrink.
  • Side table can be stopped or started or started at any postition depends on necessity.
  • When printing plane surface,after the horizontal sliding table comes back to the original postition,there is a delay timer so that the operator can arrange the printing article during the delay time,then it will pull away the printed foil automatically.
  • When printing circumference surface,the roller and the receiver roller can rotate at the same time,or adjust it by different speed depends on the necessity. when using continuously foil,there ia a special design of pulling some more foils after printing one circumference,so that the next printing would be new foil.
  • With roller protection device,after turn off the machine,the roller will continuely rotate about 60 minutes todescend the temperature.
  • All spare parts are imported,including oil tank,motor,electric items,and switches.
  • Slider adopts linear linear guideway,which contains high accurate.

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