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During recent years, as various industrial productions are highly developed, the air pollution is getting serious day by day. Surely, the dusts in the air will harm much to the human health. In advanced countries of America, Europe, and Japan, since the development of resin fiber in 1930, it has been widely applied on all the filtering conditions required. As its high air through quality, the irregular filter can be filtered completely for the finest impurities in the air. So, it is the best filter with excellent quality.
  • Tai-line filter has made by all-direction fiber, so when use it for cleaning, its basic organization or construction won't be changed. The air filtering effect and dust collection is always top and good.
  • The washable filter can be repeated for use, so its price is very reasonable.
  • With ideal density, high penetration, low loss, also having a high frequency for dust collection; it can be cleaned with vacuum cleaner or high pressure cleaner.
  • Suitably used for whole-roll type or slicing type filtering condition, and it has the same dust collecting effect under different temperature. All various filter sizes are optional for different occasions.
  • It has equipped with fireproof quality to prevent fire extension, and suitably used for all different sites.
  • For air filtering in various production industries, air filter, air exchange under conditioning, air heating, coating for automobile, liquid filtering, and dusts collecting bag applied for steel & iron industries or electrode plate of electroplating processing.
  • Shoe material: insole, interlining for suitcase luggage, etc.
  • Advantages: anti slide, abrasiveproof, easy to dry, never water stay, simple for cleaning.

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