Robot For Injection Molding Machine

Product ID: KW Series

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Chailease Robots are specially designed for plastic injection molding industry. With customized tooling designs, we solve all problems regarding taking out injection products & sprue. Also, an in-hand controller allows you to program robots stroke, speed, multi-position piling, and other combined features. Pick-up strokes of different models ranged from 550mm up to 2500mm, therefore, would suit all your needs in automatic operation.
Model Wal king type Stroke action Arms Remote adjustment
TR 650 Angular General One N/A
600 KIS Tranverse General One N/A
600 KID Tranverse General Two N/A
600 KWS Tranverse Telescopic One N/A
600 KWD Tranverse Telescopic Two N/A
1000 KWAS Transverse Telescopic One Extention/retraction
1000 KWAGS Tranverse Telescopic One Elevation
  • Male & female sides pick-up
  • U & L type trace enabled
  • Sprue discharge in mold gap programmable
  • Vacuum device and fooling available
  • Pick-up head turning in all positions
  • 20 sets of program memory
  • System self diagnose
  • I/O check screen
  • English/Chinese screen selection

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