Full Grain Strongly Fatliquored Upper Leathers

Product ID: FGSFUL/TM-12

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Product/Sub-Product Recommended Test Test Method Application Selection Criteria
FGSFUL/TM-12 Rub fastness for shoes without lining Din 53339 Footwear High
FGOILUL/TM-13 Water spotting No stains Footwear High
FGRUSUL/TM-14 Water vapor permeability Din 53333 Footwear High
FGFLOUL/TM-15 Water vapor permeability Din 53333 Footwear Medium
EFSL/TM-16 Water vapor permeability Din 53333 Footwear Medium
  • Average size(ft^2): 23-28
  • Tannage: Chrome tannage
  • Thickness range(mm): 1.5-2.5
  • Surface treatment: Impregnation of waxy and oily mixtures (stuffing) through roller coating technology
  • Grain: Greasy touch with warmth, gloss and oil retention
  • Type(s)of sub-product ID:
    • FGOILUL/TM-13 (oil full grain)
    • FGRUSUL/TM-14 (russet type)
    • FLFLOUL/TM-15 (floater oil)
    • FLPSUL/TM-16 (pit-stop)
  • 1ft^2= 30.48 x 30.48(cm)
  • Price range(negotiable)= US$ 2.1-2.9
  • Colors assortment: Only in earthy and dark shades (include black)
  • Advantages: Suppleness, round substance, draggy handle
  • Disadvantages: Limited scuff resistance

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