Nubuck Upper Leathers (Side)

Product ID: MBKUL/TM-22

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Product/Sub-Product Recommended Test Test Method Application Selection Criteria
NBKUL/TM-22 Light fastness IVF 401-402 Footwear Very high
CNBUUL/TM-23 Water spotting No stains Footwear Very high
SNBKUL/TM-24 Rub fastness IVF 450 Footwear Very high
MNBKUL/TM-25 Tear strength IVP 8 Footwear Medium
FLONBKUL/TM-26 Tensile strength IVP 6 Footwear Medium
ENBKUL/TM-27 Tensile strength IVP 6 Footwear Medium
OILNBK/TM-28 Dry cleaning IVF 132 Footwear Medium
WAXYNBK/TM-29 Dry cleaning IVF 132 Footwear Medium
  • Average size(ft^2): 23-28.
  • Tannage: Chrome tannage
  • Thickness range(mm): 1.2-2.0
  • Surface treatment: Top handle modifiers or protective finishes
  • Grain: Buffed to a degree that produce a velvet-like nap
  • Type(s) sub-product ID:
    • CNBKUL/TM-23 (classic Nubuck)
    • SNBKUL/TM-24 (smooth Nubuck)
    • MNBKUL/TM-25 (milling Nubuck)
    • FLONBKUL/TM-26 (floater Nubuck)
    • ENBKUL/TM-27 (embossed Nubuck)
    • OILNBK/TM-28 (oil Nubuck)
    • WAXYNBK/TM-29 (shark type)
  • 1ft^2= 30.48 x 30.48(cm)
  • Price range(negotiable)= USD2.1-2.9
  • Color assortment: White, pastel, medium to dark, black shade
  • Advantages: Writing effect and exceptional sponginess
  • Disadvantages: Limited cleanability and critical wet rubfastness

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