Waterproof Side Leathers (Aquatan)

Product ID: WPSL/TM-32

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Product/Sub-Product Recommended Test Test Method Application Selection Criteria
FGSLWP/TM-33 Waterproofness Din 53338 Footwear Very high
FGOPUPSLWP/TM-34 Water spotting No stains Footwear Medium
NBKULWP/TM-35 Washability IVF 423 Footwear High
CHSLWP/TM-36 Wettability IVF 420 Footwear Medium-high
WAXYNBKSG/TM-37 Dry cleanability IVF 132 Footwear Medium
N/A Water vapor Din 53333 N/A N/A
N/A Permeability N/A N/A N/A
  • Average size(ft^2): 23-28
  • Tannage: Chrome tannage
  • Thickness range(mm): 1.4-2.4
  • Surface treatment: Polysilicone or fluor chemicals finishes to impair water repellency and waterproofness
  • Scotchgard water repellent treatment also available
  • Grain: Silky after treatment
  • 1ft^2= 30.48 x 30.48(cm)
  • Price range(negotiable)= US$ 2.8-2.9
  • Color assortment: Various
  • Advantages: Leather is super water-proof (excellent wearing comfort)
  • Disadvantages: Intensive treatment is essential to preserve water-proof properties

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