Nappa Side Leathers

Product ID: NPSL/TM-41

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Product/sub product Recommended test Test method Application Selection criteria
NPSL/TM-41 Light fastness IVF 401-402 Footwear High
SNMP/TM-42 Rub fastness IVF 450 Footwear High
MILNP/TM-43 Tear strength IVP 8 Footwear-LIR goods High
FONP/TM-44 Tear strength IVP 8 Footwear-hand bags High
HCNP/TM-45 Flexing endurance IVP 20 Footwear Medium
N/A Adhesion of finish IVF 470 N/A N/A
  • Average size(ft^2): 23-28
  • Tannage: Chrome tannage
  • Thickness range(mm): 1.2-1.8
  • Surface treatment: Soft micro-resins and refined handle improve finishing agent
  • Grain: Occasional light pigmented with a smooth or mill appearance (fine to coarse grain)
  • Subproduct ID:
    • SNMP/TM-42 (smooth nappa)
    • MILNP/TM-43 (milling nappa)
    • FLONP/TM-44 (floater nappa)
    • HCNP/TM-45 (calf nappa)
  • 1ft^2= 30.48 x 30.48cm
  • Price range(negotiable)= US$ 2.2-2.9
  • Colors assortment: White, pastel, earth, medium to dark and black shade
  • Advantages: Extremely light weight, soft and supple
  • Disadvantages: Intensive shoe finishing is essential

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