Coated Suede Leathers (Side)

Product ID: CS/TM-50

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Product/sub product Recommended test Test method Application Selection criteria
CS/TM-50 Flexing endurance IVP 20 Footwear High
PUCS/TM-51 Adhesion of coat IVF 470 Footwear High
SNLS/TM-52 Adhesion of coat IVF 470 Footwear Medium
LEVS/TM-53 Adhesion of coat IVF 470 Footwear Medium
EPS/TM-54 Fastness to plating Din 53342 Footwear, lir goods Low
  • Average size(ft^2): 10-20
  • Tannage: Chrome tannage
  • Thickness range(mm): 1.4-2.0
  • Surface treatment: PU coating or foil transfer; thick film forming material
  • Suede: Made from middle or bottom layer, obtain by splitting and highly impregnated before coating
  • Sub product ID:
    • PUCS/TM-51 (PU coated)
    • SMLS/TM-52 (sneaker laminated)
    • LEVS/TM-53 (levacast suede)
    • EPS/TM-54 (embossed, pigmented suede)
  • 1ft^2= 30.48 x 30.48(cm)
  • Price range(negotiable)= US$ 0.95-1.1
  • Colors assortment: White, pastel, medium to dark and black shade
  • Advantages: Soft and elastic (good cutting value)
  • Disadvantages: Breathing limit

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