Bike Chain for Single Gear, Multi-Gear Use

Product ID: EP-50, IG-50S2

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Our chain are special designed for professional and mature cyclist use. Our superior technological features offer the most safe, and excellent transmission.
Model Pin Power Tensile Strength Max Speed of Sprocket Compatible Bike
410 90kgs 900kgs 1 Single speed
408A 90kgs 900kgs 6 10~15 speed
VG-30 120kgs 1020kgs 6 15~18 index SPD
EP-50 180kgs 1020kgs 7 18~21 index SPD
IG-50S2 200kgs 1020kgs 8 18~24 index SPD
  • Durability double than other brand.
  • Quick & no-noise gear shifting.
  • Smooth & silent turn.
  • ISO-9002 & JIS approval.
  • Price the selling point.

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