Patented SHAN LIN System

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We can solve your environmental problem! With great joy be announced that the SHAN LIN system has been devised since January, 1997. What's SHAN LIN system? It is a newest patented way to clean the metal wire without ACID and CAUSTICS traditionally used in the metal wire industries. With SHAN LIN system, you can easily and effectively dislodge scale, remove lubricants and create a surface that is clean, dry and rust-resistant. All of the metal wire industries are more and more troubled by the tougher envilomental standard. Aren't you? Please give your trouble to SHAN LIN system. SHAN LIN system will positively solve your problem for ever in this line.
  • Easy operate, perfect effect, no any pollution.
  • AUT. Cotrol.
  • Save energy.
  • 200m per min. (max)
  • Much cheaper than environmental equipment.
  • Enchance economic competitiveness.

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