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PC to TV Flicker Free Converter(Box) Encoder3 is an external stand-along box which converts the VGA RGB signal into NTSC/PAL video signal. Encoder3 provides better quality and more stable picture than ever. By using Encoder3, you can record computer graphic on VCR or display them on TV for presentation, education, slide show and even entertainment. Encoder3 supports both NTSC format and PAL format. It can even output to SECAM TV through Scart cable.
  • Function:
    • VGA analog RGB signal to NTSC/PAL signal converter.
    • VGA non-interlace to NTSC/PAL interlace converter.
    • VGA Horizontal Sync frequency converter(31.5khz to 15.75KHz for NTSC/15.625 KHz for PAL).
    • VGA Vertical Sync frequency converter(58-72Hz to 60Hz/50Hz).
  • Input: DB-15 pins VGA signal connector from VGA card DB-15 pins output.
  • Output:
    • Composite video NTSC/PAL output to TV.
    • DB-15 pins VGA RGB output to VGA monitor.
    • 4 pins MINI-DIN separate Y/C(Super VHS) NTSC/PAL output to TV.
  • Supported VGA Mode:
    • All the standard VGA Modes.
    • Support 640 x 480 graphics 16/265/32768/65536/16.7M colors Enhanced VGA mode(NTSC and PAL).
    • Support 800 x 600 graphics 16/265/32768/65536/16.7M colors Enhanced VGA mode(PAL only).
  • Support Windows 3.0/3.1/95 environment operation.
  • S-VHS/composite video(AV)/VGA concurrent display.
  • TV Auto Blanking.
  • No special configuration changing is required for most application.
  • Support all VGA mode which horizontal frequency is fixed in 31.5KHz.
  • Horizontal and Vertical position control.
  • Switch programmable NTSC/PAL mode.
  • Switch programmable underscan / overscan mode.
  • An optional scart cable connect to TV or VCR.

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