MMX Mainboard

Product ID: ATC-1020+

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  • Processor:
    • Pentium MMX-TM P55C, P54C (75MHz-200MHz).
    • AMD K6, K5; Cyrix 6x86 MX-TM, Cyrix 6x86L.
  • Chipset: Intel 430VX PCIset
  • System Memory:
    • Four 72-pin SIMM sockets.
    • Capacity 8MB ~ 128MB.
    • Support EDO DRAM, fast page mode DRAM.
    • One 168-pin DIMM for 3.3V SDRAM.
  • Onboard:
    • Dual channel USB header.
    • IrDA TX/RX header.
    • Dual bus master IDE ports.
    • One F.D.C. port (up to 2.88MB).
    • Two serial ports (16550 fast UART compatible).
    • One parallel port (ECP/EPP).
    • AT style keyboard connector.
    • PS/2 mouse header.
  • BIOS:
    • AWARD flash EEPROM.
    • DMI, green, plug and play.
  • Expansion Slot: four PCI slots, three ISA slots
  • Form Factor: 3/4 baby AT, 22cm x 28cm
  • Auto-detected CPU voltage power supply type.
  • Architecture: 32-bit PCI bus, 16-bit ISA bus compatible
  • Cache Memory : onboard 512KB PB SRAM

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