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  • B-106(S)GN/(S)YN Extra Pearl Cream / B-106YNG
    • Beanne extra pearl cream is special made for removing pimples, freckles, sunburn, blotches and wrinkles. It contains a safe and effective skin lightening ingredient to prevent the formation of pigment and get your skin renew itself naturally.
  • B-120P Medicated Lotion
    • With salicylic acid, it is specially formulated to clean better than ordinary soaps and lotion. It can deep clean to help treat, prevent pimples, removes dirt and oil, and unclogs pores.
  • B-120F Cleaning Lotion with Sunscreen
    • Design to clean skin gently but effectively. It contains extra protection of light protective ingredient.
  • B-101 Hand Cream
    • Protect and nourish your hand skin. It can decrease inflammation and recover from breaks on hands/feet and the insects bites.
  • B-102 Shampoo
    • Clean and rinse hair thoroughly. Massage a small amount of shampoo thoroughly to make your hair look soft and bright. Four colours and four natural flower spices for your choice.
  • B-105 Body Cream
    • The best body moisturization without greasy, especially in a dry and cool climate. With natural materials such as Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Placenta, Lanolin, Vitamin E, it is nourishing to the skins.
  • B-107 Extra Neutral Cleansing Cream Soap
  • B-109 Extra Neutral Cleansing Cream Soap (Tube packing)
    • Remove away dust and keep skins look more soft, tender and smooth. Gently and do not stimulate your face skin. If you have skin impurities, leave the foam on your skin for a while before washing it off.
  • B-108 Natural Transparent Soap
  • B-110 Aloe Vera Transparent Soap
    • Penetrate into pores and clean thoroughly. The natural material Aloe Vera and Solan-E nourish and moisten skins, improving rough, allergy skins, eczema and prickly heats.
  • B-266 Beauty Cream ( For Dry Skins )
  • B-288 Bio-Beauty Cream ( For Oily Skins)
    • It is highly concentrated nourishing beauty cream. Except the active ingredients of Extra Pearl Cream to improve the skindiseases, beauty cream is also designed to anti-wrinkle and anti-aged. For using wrinkle cream a short period of time, facial lines should be less apparent and your skin will feel smooth, supple and younger-looking.

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