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With Acephone, a powerful Windows95 telephony application that serves as virtual telephone on your computer screen. Integrating telephone functions into your computer, Acephone unites all your communication needs and provides you with a world of communication from your PC... This high tech virtual telephone device goes beyond the bounds of the traditional telephone and combines convention telephony functions with modern features such as voice, fax and data connection, voice mail, email, hand-free conversation, phone book database and much more. It is as easy to use as a speakerphone. Acephone incorporates voice command capabilities for speed dialing. Acephone also lets you store up to eight speed dial numbers for easy accessibility.
It is a powerful communication manager that Acephone answers incoming calls when you're not records messages for you. Access your voice messages toll free from any touch tone phone in the world or retrieve fax documents via the fax-on-demand function from remote sites.
  • Software:
    • Platform: Windows 95 or later release
    • Applications: Microsoft fax and exchange
  • Hardware:
    • CPU: 1486DX-66 or higher
    • Memory: at least 16Mb DRAM
    • Video: super VGA with high color capability
    • storage: minimum 20Mb free space
    • Network: public/private telephone line
    • Modem: any industry standard voice/fax/data modem
    • Microphone: regular PC microphone
    • Speaker: regular PC speaker
  • Local and remote access over Pots or the internet
  • Supports voice/fax/data and performance modems
  • Supports Microsoft TAPI, MAPI, MM system and Unimodem architecture
  • Voice:
    • Supports full duplex speakerphone for hand free conversation
    • 8 Speed dial buttons for quick dialing
    • Voice command capabilities for speed dialing
    • Personal address book allowing you to maintain a sophisticated database
    • User friendly telephony functions: call transfer, mute, and redial
    • Toll saver feature for accessing the voice mailbox from remote sites
    • Telephony management for dialing, voice answering machine, call logs and remote access and retrieval
    • Powerful voice mail system with a choice of greetings
  • Fax & data:
    • Fax capabilities integrated with Microsoft exchange and Microsoft office applications
    • Fax on demand
    • Dial up the network to compose, send and receive emails
    • Powerful message manager enabling you to listen to your voice mail, view your faxs and compose your emails
  • Trademarks: Acer and Acephone are trademarks or registered trademarks of Acer incorporated, Taiwan. Microsoft, Windows 95 are trademarks of Microsoft corp.

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