AEGIS Automatic Emergency Dialler

Product ID: ED-120, ED-130, ED131

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The AEGIS Automatic Emergency Dialer
The AEGIS is an automatic emergency dialer with four alarm inputs designed for reporting of four separate events. The AEGIS is used to upgrade existing security system that has no dialer built-in. It is also ideal, as being a standalone unit, for the blind, mute and sick individuals who require immediate assistance.
In case of an emergency, the digital/verbal message will report to the relative, neighbor, friend, monitoring center and emergency services. In addition, if an optional listen-in module is added, the called party can monitor the installation site and talk to the person when necessary. This feature is ideal for monitoring elderly, physically challenged individuals and infants or to verify the presence of the intruder.
The ED-120 is a digital dialer and the ED-130 is a voice dialer that can report four specific event messages to eight different telephone numbers. The ED-130 includes a programming keypad on the front panel of the housing. The keypad allows easy operation, programming and voice recording by the user.
The ED-131 is the wireless version of ED-130 that is absolutely no need for unsightly wiring throughout the houses and is easy to dismantle and move afterwards.
Upgrading The Existing Security System
The AEGIS is the perfect solution to upgrade your existing security system and to continue keeping your home and property safer without subjecting you and your family to monthly monitoring fees or potential false alarm fines. In the event of an alarm, the AEGIS will call you and up to seven other persons and emergency services, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, the called party can activate the two-way listen-in mode to communicate with the persons in the installation site, in order to determine which further action needs to be taken.
Health And Emergency Care
The AEGIS benefits the elderly, the sick and the disabled the independence, yet is reachable if they require assistance. The AEGIS can be easily activated with a wireless panic transmitter, or with a wired panic button, to call someone, his friends, his relatives, his neighbors or the emergency services.
Smoke And Fire Alarming
The AEGIS can be connected directly with smoke detectors, gas detectors and fire detectors and used as a compact fire alarm system. In case of a fire alarm, the AEGIS will call to the fire department, the manager or the emergency services.
General Assistance
The AEGIS is also ideal for use by a child alone at home, a babysitter, the blind and mute individuals or any adult who requires assistance. In case of assistance needed, the AEGIS can alert a neighbor, a friend or emergency services.
  • Approvals
    • CTR-21 for all EEC countries.
    • Other approvals are pending.
  • Working Power
    • 11-13.8VDC.
  • Power Consumption
    • 20mA in standby; 90mA maximum at 12VDC.
  • Operating Temperature
    • O to 50 degree C.
  • Dialing Network
    • DTMF (tone) dialing on PSTN (direct exchange line) network.
  • Telephone Number
    • Up to 9 telephone and cellular phone numbers, with maximum 24 digits per number.
  • Phone Number Length
    • Maximum 24 digits per number.
  • Number Of Call Attempts
    • 1 to 99 times.
  • Inputs
    • 4 inputs with positive (+V) or negative (-V) triggering.
  • LED Indicators
    • 3 rectangular LED's and 17-segamant LED.
  • Dimensions
    • 175mm x 100mm x 40mm.
  • Weight
    • 300 grams.
  • Voice Message (ED-130/ED-131)
    • 1 common message to describe the location, etc. and 4 specific messages to describe the information of each alarm event.
  • Message Length (ED-130/ED-131)
    • 12 seconds for common message and 2seconds for each specific message.
  • Number Of Message Repeats (ED-130/ED-131)
    • 1 to 8 times.
  • RF Carrier Frequency (ED-131)
    • 303.875MHz, 426.5MHz, 433.920MHz, 868.35MHz.
    • Other frequencies are under requested.
  • System Codes (ED-131)
    • 6,561 (i.e. 3 to the 8the power) code combinations.
  • Transmitting Power (ED-131)
    • Less than 10mW.
  • Four channel programmable automatic emergency digital and voice dialer.
  • calls up to eight telephone numbers per channel.
  • Accepts four alarm inputs of positive (+V) or negative (-V) trigger.
  • Four separate voice message for each alarm channel.
  • Voice alarm message can be recorded in any language.
  • Total fourteen seconds long for each alarm message.
  • Optional two-way listen-in and remote programming feature.
  • EEPROM retains programmed data and voice message if power is lost.
  • Easy to program and operate.
  • Wireless version allows DIY installation by user.
  • Digital dialer is suitable for monitoring center and emergency service.

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