FamilyCare Wireless Alarm System

Product ID: FC-201

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To Prectect Doors & Windows...
The Door/window Sensor Transmitter, with the built-in reed switch and separate color match magnet, provides protection for doors and windows. It also includes the unique design concept of being able to be plugged by the PIR modular, purchased additionally or removed from the control console , to makes stand-alone wireless PIR sensor any time needed.
  • Door/window Sensor Transmitter FC-201-Zone Assignment
    • Instant or 30/60 seconds delayed.
    • Working Power
      • 9VDC alkaline battery.
    • PIR Sensor Modular FC-207M-Coverage
      • 10 meter with 115 degree wide angle.

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Wireless Security System, Remote Control, PIR Detector, Door/Window Sensor, Gas/Fire Detector, telephone network, Home Automation Network