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Harris semiconductor crosses more than forty high speed converters, each designed and manufactured to the industry's highest standards. For ease in system design, every converter is pin and function compatible. We also provide evaluation boards and a full spectrum of product support. You'll find our data sheets are exceptionally concise and well-detailed. Each is designed with a customer focus to make your job easier. Plus, our extensive sales team and field application engineers are always ready to discuss you specific system and application needs on a one-to-one basic. In addition to face-to-face personal service, Harris Semiconductor also makes useful information available by phone, fax or interment.
Alternate part number N/A Resolution(bits) Conversion rate(MSPS) Package type Pin and functional replacement Harris part number
CXD1172AM ADC 6 20 16SOIC Yes HI1172JCB
CXD1172AP ADC 6 20 16PDIP Yes HI1172JCP
CXD1826Q ADC 6 140 32PQFP Yes HI1826JCQ
CXD1866Q ADC 6 140 48PQFP Yes HI1866JCQ
CXD3086Q ADC 6 140 48PQFP Yes HI3086JCQ
CXD2300Q ADC 8 18 32PQFP Yes HI2300JCQ
CXD1175AM ADC 8 20 24SOIC Yes HI1175JCB
CXD1175AP ADC 8 20 24PDIP Yes HI1175JCP
CXD1176Q ADC 8 20 32PQFP Yes HI1176JCQ
CXD2301Q ADC 8 30 32PQFP Yes HI1172JCQ
CXD1179AM ADC 8 35 33PQFP Yes HI1179JCQ
CXD2302Q ADC 8 50 32PQFP Yes HI2302JCQ
CXD2303Q ADC 8 50 80PQFP Yes HI2303JCQ
CXA1386K ADC 8 75 44LCC Yes HI1386AIL
CXA1386P ADC 8 75 28PDIP Yes HI1386JCP
CXA3026Q ADC 8 120 48PQFP Yes HI3026JCQ
CXA1396D ADC 8 125 42CDIP Yes HI1396JCJ
CXA1396K ADC 8 125 68LCC Yes HI1396AIL
CXA1396P ADC 8 125 42PIDP Yes HI1396JCP
CXA3026AQ ADC 8 140 48PQFP Yes HI3026AJCQ
CXA1166K ADC 8 250 68LCC Yes HI1166AIL
CXA1276K ADC 8 500 68LCC Yes HI1276AIL
CXD2310AR ADC 10 20 48PQFP Yes HI5710AJCQ
CXD2304R DAC 8 20 48PQFP Yes HI2304JCQ
CX20206 DAC 8 35 48PDIP Yes HI2026JCP
CXA1106M DAC 8 35 24SOIC Yes HI1106JCB
CXA1106P DAC 8 35 24PDIP Yes HI1106JCP
CXD1260Q-Z DAC 8 35 48PQFP Yes HI1260JCQ
CXD1171M DAC 8 40 24SOIC Yes HI1171JCB
CXD1177Q DAC 8 40 32PQFP Yes HI1177JCQ
CXD1178Q DAC 8 40 48PQFP Yes HI1178JCQ
CX20201A-3 DAC 8 160 28SOIC Yes HI20203JCB
CX20202A-3 DAC 8 160 28PDIP Yes HI20203JCP
CXD2307R DAC 10 50 64PQFP Yes HI2307JCQ
CXD2308Q DAC 10 50 64PQFP Yes HI3050JCQ
CXD2309Q DAC 10 50 48PQFP Yes HI2309JCQ
CXD2306Q DAC 10 80 32PQFP Yes HI5780JCQ
CXD2315Q DAC 10 80 32PQFP Yes HI2315JCQ
CXD20201A-1 DAC 10 160 28SOIC Yes HI20201JCB
CXD20202A-1 DAC 10 160 28PDIP Yes HI20201JCP

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