Nickel Silver Wire

Product ID: NS-10, NS-12, NS-17, NS-18, NB-12, NB-12, NB-18

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OHE Nickel Silver Wire is easily plated and processed, and it has a unique silve white brightness. Coil elasticity is steady and elongation is excellent. The wire surface is very smooth. A widely used product by many customers.
OHE alloy No. Nominal composition Standard specifications and designations/ASTM Standard specifications and designations/JIS Standard specifications and designations/DIN Standard specifications and designations/CDA Standard specifications and designations/AWS
Copper-nickel-zinc Cu% / Ni% / Zn% / Pb% B206 H3270 17663/17677 N/A N/A
NS-10 48/10/42/0 N/A Z3262 BCUZN 0-7 8513/2-44 L-50MS N/A RBCUZN-C
NS-12 64/12/24/0 C75700 C7541 CUN12ZN24 754 N/A
NS-17 55/18/27/0 C77000 C7701 CUN18ZN27 770 N/A
NS-18 62/18/20/0 C75200 C7521 CUN18ZN20 752 N/A
NB-12 64/12/22/1.2 C79200 N/A N/A 792 N/A
NB-18 62/18/18/1.5 N/A C7941 N/A N/A N/A
  • Size: 1~8mm diameter
  • Usage: used in spectacle & sun-glasses frames, rivets. A variety of decorative items and musical instruments.
  • Packing:
    • Wire: 20-100kgs (each coil)
    • Bar: 30-70kgs (each bundle)

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