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Product ID: XY-Q880

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1. Equipped with two heavy-duty motors and frequency devices, it displays excellnet performance in concrete grinding polishing and stone grinding polishing. It is ergonomically designed and easy to manage the large commercial and construction concrete floors. In addition, the motor can be dismantled separately.
2.Equipped with automatic regulation, it is capable of different construction process requirements and reduces the consumption of abrasives, then improves the work efficiency and significantly reduces construction costs.
3.The grinding plate and gear box are made of aluminum-alloy.Equipped with heavy-duty aluminum alloy motor which ensures light weight but strong power, it can greatly increase work efficiency for floor.
4.It is easy and fast to change the abrasives with the new multifunction support frame system.
5.Planetary grind disc is available for different abrasives. It can be equipped with cacuum equipment to achieve dry and wet working. Pay attention to eco-friendly.
  • ISO9001
  • CE
  • SGS

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