Lower Trailing Arms

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If your Rear Lower Trailing Arms have taken a knock, and resemble something a little but bent, then its time for a new one! Your Rear Lower Trailing Arms on Patrols & Cruisers should not look bent!
Aupart Rear Lower Trailing Arms & Upper Trailing Arm are built tough, so when you bump them up against rocks & tough terrain, they won bend as much as the standard arms. Youve got to really give the Aupart ones a decent smack to get the 5mm wall thickness to buckle in. We
e not claiming Aupart arms are infallible, there will always be a bloke who wants to hang his truck up by the lower rear arms with bending consequences, but for your average 4WDer one set of Aupart arms should see you through the life of your truck. Manufactured to factory bush specifications & supplied complete with high flex rubber bushings.

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