Diving mini waterproof search light

Product ID: BYL-04B

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1. Light source adopts United State CREE brand, XML-U2 white light LED, High light efficiency, low energy consumption, life up to 100,000 hours.
2. Button operation: First gear 100% high light; second gear 30% low light; third gear is power off. Long time press will be non-gearable dimming light, release button when the light’s brightness is suitable.
3. Professional diving design, diving depth is 60 meters under the water, radiation distance is 90 meters, IP68.
4.Vacuum plating aluminum technology for reflector cup, high reflection efficiency, uniform light spot color
5.Explosion-proof mark:Ex dIICT6 Gb, can be used safely in all kinds of inflammable and explosive places
6. The battery uses 3 high-energy non memory lithium battery, big capacity, no memory, low self discharge rate. Battery life can be up to 1000 cycles.
7. Intelligent circuit design, with protection against over charge, over discharge and short circuit.
8. Lamp holder adopts aviation class aluminium alloy.
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