BONA Brass Industrial Gas Heater Safety Valve

Product ID: ZCQ-18B

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1. Specification
Ltd is the manufacturer of solenoid valves for more than 13 years. The model ZCQ-18B is the gas heater safety valve.
Design to close the gas heater from suddenly extinguishment.It adopts solenoid valve as a controlling components.When the gas heater extinguish suddenly in working state,this protector will power off and close the gas quickly to prevent some accidents from gas leakage,such as poisoning,fire and gas explosion etc.Design for use to control natural natural gas,coal gas and liquefiedpetroleum gas etc.

Port Size: Male Z 1/4"×1/4"×1/8"
Open valve time ≤25s
Close valve time ≤50s
Body material: Brass
Hermeticity test No pressure losing in 1 min under 10KPa
  • with ISO9001 standard

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