Vertical Electric Steam Boiler

Vertical Electric Steam Boiler

High Efficiency Electric Steam Boiler for Tobacco Steamer

Product ID: LDR0.5-0.8

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Detailed Product Description
1).To power as an energy source, no noise, 100% pollution-free, pollution-free, green products.
2).The use of advanced technology and production processes, thermal efficiency up to 99%.
3).The use of advanced computer boiler controller, with reliable performance, high degree of automation, ease of use.
4).The use of high-quality electrical components, to ensure the life of the product.
5).Using high-quality heating tube, is a common element 2 times longer (Optional heating tube US imports).
6).The heating elements are easily accessible-permit quick removal for service or inspection.
7).The adjustable pressure controller can be adjusted by your need.

Applications of Product
1).providing steam for factory process;
2).providing steam for commercial applications;
3).recommendation: for those areas where electricity cost is cheap;
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