Herifi 60w 120w LED aquarium light for aquatic product

Product ID: LED aquarium light

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1. Shell material is cold-rolled plate,After baking molding process, in which the Shell color available in red and black two options
2. Frame profiles and product internal aluminum plate, hot plate adopts pure aluminium material Built-in
high PF isolation drive power supply, and cooling fan. The cooling effect is very ideal。ensure the normal
working condition of lamp bead, prolong the service life of the lamp bead, improve the effectiveness and
stability of the light source to the plant。
3. Consists of 96*3 w high power LED lamp bead, Led color/ratio according to customers specs
4. The product has convenient installation, high cost performance; Safety, environmental protection, no
pollution and harmful substances. All materials meet the RoHS requirements.
5. 50000 hours lifetime, 2 years quality assurance .

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