Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB used for LED display in Shenzhen,China

Product ID: PCB-004

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We are a Manufacturer & Supplier Specializing in Double Side PCB, Multi-Layer PCB, F4BK PCB, Ceramic PCB, Rogers PCB, Aluminum PCB. Meanwhile, we provide PCBA ( Assembly) and ODM, OEM service. We are specializes in a full SMT and through hole PCBA assembly, obtaining components, building prototype quantities, and testing.
We supply all kinds of flex PCB
1) Min. Trace width: 0.004"
2) Min. Space between trace: 0.004"
3) Min. Hole size: 0.012"
4) Thickness tolerance:
A) Single sided: 0.005"
B) Double sided: 0.010"
5) Base materials: Polyimide and polyester
6) Conductor (copper thickness): 0.5oz., 10oz. And 20oz. (RA and ED copper)
7) Cover-layer: Polyimide and polyester (solder mask printing is available)
8) Adhesive material: Epoxy, acrylic and polyester
9) Stiffener materials: FR-4, mylar and polyimide
10) Surface finishes: Flash gold plating, selective gold plating and solder plating
  • UL/ROHS/ISO9001

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