JY filter system with 3 units and JFC controller

JY filter system with 3 units and JFC controller

JY Disc Filter

Product ID: JY Disc Filter

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The JY Disc filter is designed to bring you a highly economical and highly efficient filtration method. Built to be used in various application and water conditions, our disc filter can be used in water with high pH values, and is specially designed to limit water consumption. With a space saving design, and the ability to combine units into large systems.
No Spring Compression
Air inlet/outlet valve and Indicator
Easily maintained
High strength composite materials and stainless steel
Overall water and energy savings
No Spring Design
Our filter cartridge is designed without springs. At the beginning of the filtration process the incoming water pressure compresses the discs automatically. This greatly reduces the pressure required for backwash and enables the filter to be used with salt water.
Air Inlet/Outlet Valve
Our air inlet/outlet valve ensures that the discs quickly decompress and brings in air to help rotate and separate the discs during the backwash cy

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