Y Type valve with solenoid

Y Type valve with solenoid

Y Type Diaphragm Valves

Product ID: Diaphragm Valves

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JK‘s line of diaphragm valves brings to you a high quality, economical choice for your water treatment needs. Its precise and flexible control makes it suitable for use in a wide range of treatment applications.

Dual control operated by either air or water pressure.
Y shape for increased flow rate and efficiency.
High heat and corrosion resistance.
All internal parts made from high quality composite materials.
Able to operate in environments which would quickly destroy metal valves. 
Available Valve Sizes: DN25~100 (1”~4”)
1”~3” can be used in desalination processes
Available in: normally closed, normally open, spring assisted, limited, indicator, solenoid control, liquid level control.

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