MAP 12-61-0 Mono ammonium phosphate

Product ID: MAP 12-61-0

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Consists of 100% plant nutrients
Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants
Suitable for the production of nutrient solutions
Low Ph
colorless tetrag crystal, relative density: 1.803, melting point: 180°C, stable in air, partly decompose at the temperature of 100°C, easy soluble in water and its aqueous solution is acidic.
Appearance White crystals
NH4H2PO4 99% min
P2O5 total 61 %
N total 12 %
Water in soluble 0.1 max
Moisture 0.2 max
PH 4.4-4.8Uses :
Nutrigation and foliar feeding of all crops
Preparation of fertilizer blends
Production of liquid fertilizers
Package: woven bag lined with plastic bag, net weight: 25kg/50kg/1000kg/bag
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